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(Mis)Adventures in Zion is the blog and sometimes comedic look at the thoughts and journeys of Ken Arringtonone fella who is in radical love with God.

Who am I? Hrmmm…I could tell you who I used to be, but why talk about a dead man? The dead guy was a occult bookstore owner and nightclub DJ who at one point led a life mired so deep in a destructive party lifestyle that he couldn’t see the light of day out of the bottom of the barrel he was in. I could talk about the guy who was so mixed up because of addiction that he almost lost his family, his friends and his girlfriend who eventually became his wife. I could talk about a dead guy who held his son as he was gasping his last breaths of air on planet earth, having to take him off the respirator because he was born brain dead. I could talk about the dead man who walked away from his own cable television show right before its filming began, after waiting for it to begin for two years, because he knew there was something else out there for him. I could write about a lifeless guy who had no idea how good God was, how amazing life was and how special he was. I could write about that guy…and I guess I just did for a bit, but that is all you really need to know about that guy.

Long story short, he was a guy who knew about Jesus, but didn’t know Jesus. He was a guy who knew about love, but didn’t know love. He was…that guy. Don’t be that guy.

Instead I will tell you about the new man that has been around for the last few years, because this man, well gee, I am a guy in serious love with God. I’m not talking about the “Jesus loves me this I know because the Bible told me so” love. I’m talking about the “Jesus loves me this I know because HE came and told me so” capital L-O-V-E love! I’m a guy that knows his Father in Heaven, knows he is royalty because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and who knows his purpose through the power of the Holy Spirit. I’m a guy that is in such passionate love with his wife that she still sets his heart a-flutter with just a glance from her eyes. And I’m a guy that is the father of a gorgeous baby girl…and that baby is destined to be a Kingdom warrior! And I’m a globe-trotting, mission-minded fella who has given his life over and completely to an intimate relationship with the Lord.

And I’m here to show you that holiness, sanctification and consecration aren’t the boring things that the world would have you believe. Because it’s all kinds of fun when you are with the right people and in the right place with the Lord. And if you stick around this site long enough, you will believe the exact same thing.

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