Sorry, stoner. Jesus was NOT a hippie

Destructive myths about Jesus, number 3: Jesus was a hippie (aka the myth of white surfer Buddy Christ) I love stoners. Seriously, I really do. If you want to have an entertaining and enlightening conversation, sit down with an educated … Continued

5 destructive myths about Jesus Pt II – Everything is A-Okay Jesus

First, an apology. I hoped to have this blog entry posted about 5 days ago, but occupying a 6 month old’s attention has occupied my time pretty well over the last few days. So, sorry for the delay. Second, I … Continued

Five destructive myths about Jesus

5 destructive myths about Jesus I will never forget the day it happened. A few years back a friend and I were praying with a woman who was in a tough emotional situation. And when I say tough, I mean … Continued

5 Church sayings that need to be retired (or at least used correctly)

Language and word choice is a big deal. And as Christians, we have some church sayings that need to go into the dumpster Growing up in the church, I wasn’t aware that Christians had their own “special” language. Even worse, … Continued

What did Jesus mean when He used the word “church”

What did Jesus mean when He used the word church? Here is a challenge for you. Today, randomly ask someone to describe church. Ideally someone you don’t know well. I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that you will receive … Continued

Why did the Hebrews have to paint their lintels & doorposts with blood for Passover?

If God is all knowing and all-powerful, why did the Hebrews have to paint their lintels and doorposts with lamb’s blood to identify themselves at the first Passover?   First, a little background. Way back in another life, before I … Continued