Real Life in the Kingdom of God – India (PROLOGUE)

Real Life in the Kingdom of God – India (PROLOGUE)

Real Life in the Kingdom of God, you say? Well sure, that’s what people in America do on Sundays…right?


Moss-drenched Oaks
Moss-drenched Oaks of Zion Farms

People often ask how Jennifer and I wound up in a 12 room mansion on a 240 acre farm to help turn it into a Christian Advancement Center (some would call it a “retreat center” but I do not believe that Christians are designed to ever retreat. There is no “back-plate” in the whole armor of God). I often tell them, “Well, it’s just real life in the Kingdom.” But nine times out of ten, when I say that, all I get is a blank stare in return. Truth is, there is a story to how all of this happened, and it is a story that has taken us to the other side of the globe and back again. In fact, if we were never on the other side of the globe, we would have never made it here. So to really understand how we got here, you have to understand what happened there.

The simple truth is, is that what we’ve been told is the normal Christian walk in America, the “real” Christian walk – showing up on Sunday mornings at church, sitting in nice little rows, clapping our hands at four feel good songs while the worship team entertains us, putting our offering in the plate, listening to a power point sermon, then going back home to our normal jobs where no one knows we are Christian, prime time TV at night where we pretend we are offended by what’s going on but really aren’t because we keep eating it all up, trying hard not to sin during the week but invariably do and then condemn ourselves then ask for forgiveness and then do it all over again, then back to church on Sunday, then lather rinse repeat week in and week out as life slowly grinds us down and wears us away – well, what we’ve been told is the “real” Christian walk…isn’t.

In America, what we’ve been told is the “real” Christian walk is a lie.

Jesus never intended our walk to be boring. He never intended it to be dull. He never intended it to be dry. We are not to be white-washed tombs living the world according to dead rules and regulations, nor are we to be lukewarm stewards who don’t actually steward. And He never intended us to keep doing the same dull things day after day and again on Sunday. He never intended for us to be without passion, to be without fire and to be without Him. Because when you are with Him…you can’t help but be filled with the exuberance and wonder of a child every single day.

Real Life in the Kingdom of God is the greatest adventure you can ever be a part of. And it is so much more incredible and fantastic than anything I have ever seen in a movie or read in the greatest work of fiction. Sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying, sometimes safe, sometimes dangerous…real life in the Kingdom of God was and is never intended to be boring. That is why the Holy Spirit is the great comforter. How can He comfort us, if we don’t get a little uncomfortable from time to time?

So get a little uncomfortable. For a minute, just let the dogma go. Let religion go…and read on to see how one couple began the most incredible journey of their entire lives…(read on to Part 1)

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