Sorry, stoner. Jesus was NOT a hippie

Destructive myths about Jesus, number 3: Jesus was a hippie (aka the myth of white surfer Buddy Christ) I love stoners. Seriously, I really do. If you want to have an entertaining and enlightening conversation, sit down with an educated … Continued

Five destructive myths about Jesus

5 destructive myths about Jesus I will never forget the day it happened. A few years back a friend and I were praying with a woman who was in a tough emotional situation. And when I say tough, I mean … Continued

5 Church sayings that need to be retired (or at least used correctly)

Language and word choice is a big deal. And as Christians, we have some church sayings that need to go into the dumpster Growing up in the church, I wasn’t aware that Christians had their own “special” language. Even worse, … Continued

What did Jesus mean when He used the word “church”

What did Jesus mean when He used the word church? Here is a challenge for you. Today, randomly ask someone to describe church. Ideally someone you don’t know well. I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that you will receive … Continued

Why did the Hebrews have to paint their lintels & doorposts with blood for Passover?

If God is all knowing and all-powerful, why did the Hebrews have to paint their lintels and doorposts with lamb’s blood to identify themselves at the first Passover?   First, a little background. Way back in another life, before I … Continued

What does a real Christian look like?

Quick! Out of the three gentlemen pictured above, which one has led thousands of men and women to Christ and is a New York Times bestselling Christian author? Go on. Guess. The guy on the left, the guy in the middle, … Continued

Evangelism 101 – God loves devil worshipers

Evangelism. It is a word that strikes fear into quite a few people, Christian and non-Christian alike. But evangelism is nothing to fear. In fact, as Christians we are called to spread the Gospel. If you have spent more than … Continued

Real Life in the Kingdom of God – India (Part 2 of 4)

On The Ground, In the Flow Teaching evangelism to native missionaries in Kolkata, India. This was definitely nothing to sneeze at. If you’ve read my previous post, it’s easy to see that I had a great deal of concern as … Continued