5 Church sayings that need to be retired (or at least used correctly)

Language and word choice is a big deal. And as Christians, we have some church sayings that need to go into the dumpster Growing up in the church, I wasn’t aware that Christians had their own “special” language. Even worse, … Continued

What did Jesus mean when He used the word “church”

What did Jesus mean when He used the word church? Here is a challenge for you. Today, randomly ask someone to describe church. Ideally someone you don’t know well. I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that you will receive … Continued

What does a real Christian look like?

Quick! Out of the three gentlemen pictured above, which one has led thousands of men and women to Christ and is a New York Times bestselling Christian author? Go on. Guess. The guy on the left, the guy in the middle, … Continued

Real Life in the Kingdom of God – India (PROLOGUE)

Real Life in the Kingdom of God, you say? Well sure, that’s what people in America do on Sundays…right?   People often ask how Jennifer and I wound up in a 12 room mansion on a 240 acre farm to … Continued